Nutanix on NUC

Hello Everyone,

On this post I will explain how to deploy NutanixCE on 3 Intel NUC.

Deploy NutanixCE on Intel NUC :

Before start we should have 3 USB flash, download a files from Nutanix Community

Step 1 : Prepare the USB Boot (1 USB for each Intel NUC)

1- Go to 

2- Register to join the Community

3- Download the Nutanix CE Image file ce-2017.05.22-stable.img.gz

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 09.57.47.png

4- Download Rufus to create USB Boot

5- Create Nutanix CE USB Boot

5.1 Run Rufus


5.2 Select DD Image


5.3 Select ce-2017.05.22-stable.img.gz file

Rufus-Select-Img.png     Rufus.png

5.4 Start to burn the NutanixCE Image


Repet this step 3 times for each Intel NUC.

Step 2 : Deploy NutanixCE on 3 Intel NUC

My HomeLab Design Architecture


2.1 The 3 Intel NUC will be configured as below

Host : nx01 IP/mask CVM IP/mask
Host : nx02 IP/mask CVM IP/mask
Host : nx03 IP/mask CVM IP/mask

  • The configuration of the Intel NUC D54250WYKH2 i5 4250, 16 GB RAM, Disk 512GB mSATA,  HDD 1 TB, I should modify the NutanixCE configuration file

If during the deployment you got stuck and you recieve the CPU or Memory error you go to /home/install/phx_iso/phoenix/ and edit and you disable the configuration check.

  1. Connect to your physical host using SSH (login: root | Password: nutanix/4u)
  2. vi  /home/install/phx_iso/phoenix/


3. comment checkCores


4. back to Login prompt


5. login with install to start the deployment


6. Add the IP\Mask for the Host and CVM

Do not select Create single-node cluster


Once the deployment is done we proceed to modify the CVM memory size

7. Changing the CVM memory

  •  Connect to Physical host using SSH (login: root | Password: nutanix/4u)
  •  Set up the CVM memory
  1. virsh list –all
  2. virsh shutdown <CVM-Name>
  3. virsh setmem <CVM-Name> 8G –config
  4. virsh setmaxmem <CVM-Name> 8G –config
  5. virsh start <CVM-Name>
  6. virsh list –all, to make sure CVM is back up and running
  7. virsh dominfo <CVM-Name> to confirm the memory size


Step 3 : Creating the NutanixCE Cluster

  • Connect to CVM using SSH (login: nutanix | Password: nutanix/4u)
  • Creating the Cluster

cluster –dns_servers= –ntp_servers= –redundancy_factor=2 -s,, –cluster_name=MyNuHomeLab –cluster_external_ip= create

The Cluster is created successfuly


  • Open Navigator https://CVM-Cluster-IP:9440

Welcome to PRISM 🙂


  • Default login\password (admin\admin)


  • Change the Password


  • Connect to .NEXT


Finaly the nHomeLab is UP



Thank You and see you soon 🙂






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